A Day in the Life of a Starving Writer

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*I’m trying to share the funny, weird, and hopefully successful journey of going from an amateur writer who eats crackers and ramen noodles for dinner to a New York Times bestselling writer. I mean hey, we’ve all got dreams. This is how I’m documenting mine.* My alarm went off at 9 am and reminded me I had […]

How I Got an Email Response From Arianna Huffington (Founder of Huffington Post)

THE. MOST. AMAZING. THING. HAPPENED. It started on Friday, I listened to a podcast with Tim Ferris and Arianna Huffington. (She’s the founder of the Huffington Post and one of the top 20 most powerful women in the WORLD.) It was amazing. I was super inspired. Then on Saturday, I decided it would be worth […]